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the water soluble (no plastic) poly bag (50 sleeves)

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more about this product

the water-soluble poly bag: developed from pvoh/pva and plant-based materials, makes for a non-toxic biodegradable material that dissolves within minutes in water. for best results: place in water at a temperature of 70°c and stir to mimic the movement of flowing water in nature.

the product is non-toxic, reusable, water-soluble, biodegradable, and carbon negative.

can be stored in cool dry conditions for up to two years.

product size & dimensions

15 x 20 cm

30 x 30 cm 

40 x 50 cm

above products contain a 5cm adhesive flap.

how to recycle 

1. place product in water (70°c for best results).

2. stir for a few minutes

3. watch as the product disintegrates

4. discard water in sink or use in garden as there are no harmful toxins or microplastics left behind. in fact, the water is now nutrient rich due to the use of plant based components in the production process.


we have kept the front of the bags blank so that you can insert your own logo. the back of product contains text and symbols (bottom right) / verified symbols / suffocation warning.